HealthCare & Life Sciences

Expert IT services for the HealthCare Industry

Today’s healthcare providers need to find new ways to connect with their patients. Having access to a secure, complete patient history in a single view is the first step on the path to interoperability, connected care, higher productivity and improved patient outcomes.

Our Healthcare Solutions

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

Create an ecosystem of connected care

SACS' end-to-end innovative solutions drive connected care by enabling clients to collaborate between hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and general practitioners to help improve the accuracy and quality of patient care.

Improve outcomes and achieve efficiency

SACS' transformational healthcare technology gives providers and clinicians seamless access to the right contextual information to enable timely decisions that lead to operational efficiencies, lower costs and improved care outcomes.

Advance digital transformation

SACS' transformational digital solutions help clients to respond rapidly to regulatory and technology changes with minimal risk.

Enable Patient-Driven Care

Patients have become active participants in their care management. Rather than allowing health professionals to dictate their care, patients expect ongoing engagement and support concerning decisions about their health and wellness.