Dooshima Deborah Aku


Data Analysis Using SPSS

My Experience Learning Data Analysis at SACS Computers

The course in Data analysis relied heavily on SPSS which is a software package. Variables as an important term in data analysis was dissected. I was taught the various types of variables and the three viewpoints from which they can be described.

Importing data was then taught and emphasis moved to learning how to clean data. A great deal of time was spent here as every data analyst must have clean data before analyzing to get the best result. Under cleaning data, I learnt how to check for missing values, replace or remove them. I was also taught transformation which involves checking for normality, interpreting it and identifying possible outliers. Not forgetting data splitting and mean centering.

In the final weeks, the focus was on knowledge discovery (analysis proper). Chi-square test, independent samples T-test and one-way ANOVA are the three tests applicable in determining relationship between groups. I was also taught how to measure strength and direction of association between variables (Pearson’s correlation) and regression(linear and multiple linear).

Prospective Impact of the Program In Terms of Future Opportunities

Data Analysis is an emerging field that is currently drawing huge attention. Data analysts are currently in high demand. It is a fast growing occupation that can be done remotely and also attracts high salary.

Organizations and businesses are interested in improving performance. Data analysis presents an efficient and cost effective method of understanding problems and predicting the future, enabling decision-makers make strategic and effective decisions.

A data analyst is important in every modern sector. With these skills, one can become a healthcare data analyst, business analyst, systems analyst, intelligence analyst, data engineer, quantitative analyst, data analyst consultant, marketing analyst, project manager, e.t.c.

The possibilities are limitless.